An Amazing, Unprecedented Documentary on Cancer

  • | Mar 30 2015 |

At Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy (ACGT), we strive to revolutionize how we treat and understand cancer. The scientists we fund, and the donors who share their resources, envision a world where a cancer diagnosis doesn’t signal hopelessness. They imagine a world where cancer is a manageable disease — one that doesn’t require surgery, radiation […]

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Immunotherapy Receives a $100 Million Boost

  • | Feb 16 2015 |

The University of Texas’ MD Anderson Cancer Center — one of the most esteemed cancer laboratories and centers in the world — is in the vanguard of advancing and unlocking the amazing abilities of immunotherapy. And recently, MD Anderson Cancer Center’s work earned major plaudits and support: The hospital was awarded $100 million for its groundbreaking research. […]

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ACGT Advisor Makes Immunotherapy More Accessible

  • | Feb 02 2015 |

At Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy (ACGT), our vision is to transform cancer from a harrowing disease into a manageable diagnosis. We believe — along with the brilliant scientists who provide research, treatment and scientific counsel — that this can be unlocked through immunotherapy and cell and gene therapies. And so we are overjoyed that recently, immunotherapy […]

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ACGT Grantees Achieve Milestones in Lymphyblastic Leukemia Research and Treatment

  • | Jan 15 2015 |

Lymphyblastic leukemia is a destructive, painful blood cancer that progresses quickly and can be fatal within months if left untreated. And while treatments such as chemotherapy are currently commonly used, many patients suffer relapse, lowering the disease’s overall cure rate to between 30 and 40 percent. But the genetic modification of T-lymphocytes is now emerging […]

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Tell Us Why Cancer Research Matters To You This #GivingTuesday

  • | Dec 01 2014 |

In the spirit of #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back on December 2, Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy (ACGT) asks donors to support their favorite causes in the spirit of the holiday season. Here at ACGT, the nation’s only nonprofit dedicated exclusively to cell and gene therapies for cancer, we’re particularly excited about […]

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Moving Beyond Awareness – How You Can Support the Fight Against Cancer

  • | Oct 23 2014 |

October is breast cancer awareness month and an important reminder than one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetimes. It is also a reminder that regardless of the source of the cancer a month-long observance is not enough. Conquering cancer is about taking action and making an impact, as noted […]

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Immunotherapy Approaches Presented at AACR Meeting

  • | May 07 2014 |

We found this excellent blog on CRI’s website summarizing several of the immunotherapy approaches presented at the recent AACR meeting. Click here to read the post. As you may know, CRI is dedicated solely to immunotherapy. ACGT is dedicated to using all types of cell and gene therapy approaches, including immunotherapy. The blog mentions many […]

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The Importance of Philanthropy in Our Fight Against Cancer

  • | Apr 23 2014 |

Progress in the war against cancer involves so many dimensions – the ingenuity and dedication of physicians and oncologists, new and improved technologies for battling the disease, and proper funding to accelerate our research and make for more functional laboratories. Fortunately, we have no shortage of brilliant minds intent on uncovering pain-free treatments and unlocking […]

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Fun Fundraising

  • | Apr 09 2014 |

In a recent article in the New York Times, Arthur Brooks discusses why giving back can lead to happiness and the power that comes from “investing one’s own time, talent and treasure.” ACGT has been the recipient of many of these acts of giving and we are so grateful to all of our donors including […]

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Cutting Edge Web Site for Cutting Edge Research

  • | Apr 09 2014 |

As you may have noticed, ACGT has revamped its web site! In this ever-changing technical landscape, we want to be sure we can deliver you breakthroughs in the cancer field, progress of ACGT researchers, updates on clinical trials, creative ways to fundraise for ACGT, details about our funding partners, why you should donate to ACGT, […]

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