CRISPR the Next Frontier in Gene Therapy Cancer Research

  • | Sep 06 2016 |

In our last blog, we described the progress and promise of CAR-T, an immunotherapy that has been particularly successful with leukemia and lymphoma. As a companion to CAR-T, and all forms of cell and gene therapies, CRISPR is the talk of the scientific town these days and is the next frontier in genetic medicine. CRISPR. […]

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Immunotherapy and Cell Therapy Research For Cancer Makes Headlines

  • | Aug 12 2016 |

In the third of a front page series in the The New York Times published July 31st – August 2nd, entitled “Setting the Body’s ‘Serial Killers’ Loose on Cancer,” science writer Andrew Pollack reported on Dr. Steven Rosenberg at the National Cancer Institute, a research physician who has committed half a century to the promise […]

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An Amazing, Unprecedented Documentary on Cancer

  • | Mar 30 2015 |

At Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy (ACGT), we strive to revolutionize how we treat and understand cancer. The scientists we fund, and the donors who share their resources, envision a world where a cancer diagnosis doesn’t signal hopelessness. They imagine a world where cancer is a manageable disease — one that doesn’t require surgery, radiation […]

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The Importance of Philanthropy in Our Fight Against Cancer

  • | Apr 23 2014 |

Progress in the war against cancer involves so many dimensions – the ingenuity and dedication of physicians and oncologists, new and improved technologies for battling the disease, and proper funding to accelerate our research and make for more functional laboratories. Fortunately, we have no shortage of brilliant minds intent on uncovering pain-free treatments and unlocking […]

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Cutting Edge Web Site for Cutting Edge Research

  • | Apr 09 2014 |

As you may have noticed, ACGT has revamped its web site! In this ever-changing technical landscape, we want to be sure we can deliver you breakthroughs in the cancer field, progress of ACGT researchers, updates on clinical trials, creative ways to fundraise for ACGT, details about our funding partners, why you should donate to ACGT, […]

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