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  • | Apr 09 2014 |

tcells_largeAs you may have noticed, ACGT has revamped its web site!

In this ever-changing technical landscape, we want to be sure we can deliver you breakthroughs in the cancer field, progress of ACGT researchers, updates on clinical trials, creative ways to fundraise for ACGT, details about our funding partners, why you should donate to ACGT, and get information to you as quickly as possible. Please take some time and look at our Progress & Impact page, where the facts and figures still tell us that every minute of every day two people discover they have cancer, that 1 of 4 Americans will develop cancer at some point in time, that current treatments for cancer have hardly changed in the last fifty years and that the choices — chemotherapy, radiation and surgery — can be nearly as debilitating as the disease.

ACGT is the only public charity in the nation dedicated exclusively to the study of cell and gene therapies for cancer. ACGT supports research into treatments that directly attack the cancer, and only the cancer.  To date, we have funded 44 grants at 31 institutions in the US and Canada for both discovery and clinical translation.  ACGT researchers are triggering the immune system to detect and destroy cancers, researchers are strangulating the blood supply to kill cancer cells, or injecting reengineered genes from the patient to repair damaged or defective genes.

Gene therapies are also used in conjunction with chemotherapy to improve response rates. Rapid progress in technology and molecular medicine are paving the way to the greatest advance in cancer treatment in fifty years. As ACGT Scientific Advisory Council Michel Sadelain remarked at an ACGT event in October 2013, “we are on the cusp of a golden age of cancer prevention and treatment, thanks to the promise of recent discoveries.”

Margaret C. Cianci, Executive Director, ACGT
Ms. Cianci invites your comments and opinions.
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