Gene Therapy for Cancer Takes Center Stage

  • | Oct 09 2013 |

Science Magazine - Cancer Immunotherapy is "Breakthrough of the Year"When ACGT was founded by Barbara and Edward Netter 13 years ago, no one could foresee that Cancer Immunotherapy would be selected as the “Breakthrough of the Year” in the December 2013 edition of Science Magazine, or take center stage at the annual AACR Conference taking place this week in San Diego (April 5-9).

ACGT Scientific Advisory Council members Lieping Chen, Carl June, Stephen Russell, Michel Sadelain and Drew Pardoll, as well as Research Fellows John Bell, Thomas Kipps, and Robert Vonderheide among others were all presenters at the Conference whose theme was “Harnessing Breakthroughs – Targeting Cures.”

Targeting cures is what ACGT is all about. It has been ACGT’s mission since the beginning to make cancer a “manageable” disease – to make it possible for all cancer patients to live longer lives, without any side effects of treatment, to have a better quality of life by using cells and genes as medicine. Each of the breakthrough therapies presented at the AACR conference such as by Drs. June, Sadelain, Kipps and Vonderheide received very early stage funding from ACGT and we are thrilled with the results of their research so far.  They are achieving remission in hundreds of patients with gene therapy.

The track record established by ACGT’s Scientific Advisory Council in its selection of grant awards is tremendously successful. But for every Young Investigator or Clinical Investigator grant that is funded by ACGT, there are so many other deserving Investigators that are not getting funded and who may just have the “breakthrough” science.

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Margaret C. Cianci, Executive Director, ACGT
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