Our Founders

When Edward and Barbara Netter’s daughter-in-law succumbed to breast cancer in 2001, they sought out state-of-the-art research into better forms of treatment. After learning about gene therapy at a scientific conference, they knew there would soon be a paradigm shift toward molecular medicine – treatments that more effectively destroy cancer with less toxicity.

Barbara and Edward founded Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy (ACGT) to accelerate progress and fund the best research at the most prestigious institutions developing cell and gene therapies for cancer. Edward served as President and Board Chair for the first decade of the organization’s existence and realized his goal: becoming a force for the future of targeted therapies for cancer. His resources and business acumen formed the basis for a determined effort to find a better way to treat cancer.

Sadly, Edward lost his own battle to cancer in 2011. His vision lives on, however, and is now being realized in the progress we are seeing today.