Tracy B. Holton

Attorney and Author

Tracy Bishop Holton is an attorney and author with expertise in product liability, energy and natural resources, and construction law. She has extensive experience in litigation and an interest in molecular medicine. Ms. Holton has been a contributing author to West Publishing Company since 2000. Her published works include: Cause of Action to Recover Damages Under the Private Securities Law Reform Act of 1995; Cause of Action to Recover Civil Damages Pursuant to the Law of Nations and/or Customary International Law; and Cause of Action to Recover Damages for Invasion of Private Sector Employees’ Privacy.

In addition to work in the legal field, Tracy has been active in many community organizations. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the YWCA of Greenwich and is Board Secretary for the Avon Theatre Film Center. Ms. Holton has also been active in the Breast Cancer Alliance, Community Centers, Inc. and the Junior League of Greenwich.

A resident of Old Greenwich, CT, Tracy graduated from Emory University and Loyola University School of Law.

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