We Are Not Going to Cure Cancer without T Cells – Dr. Michael Lotze

Oct 05, 2016

Dr. Michael Lotze, Member of Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy’s Scientific Advisory Council speaks about progress in the fight against cancer he has witnessed during his esteemed career. “I believe that we are not going to cure cancer without T cells,” stated Dr. Lotze. “There is already an immune response to cancer. All we have to do is wake it up.” Dr. Michael Lotze discusses the power of T cells against cancer.

” “Much of my career has been studying how to make T cells do what I want them to do – which is to get rid of the tumor, or control the tumor,” Dr. Michael Lotze on his research goals.”

Dr. Lotze is Assistant Vice Chancellor, School of Health Sciences; Professor of Surgery and Bioengineering; Vice Chair Research, Department of Surgery; Director, Strategic Partnerships, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute in Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Lotze is Chief Scientific Officer, Lion Biotechnologies.