Christopher Jewell, PhD : Mastering the Microenvironment of Lymph Nodes

Years Funded: 2015-2018

Harnessing Intra-Lymph Node Gene Therapy to Promote Anti-Tumor Immunity
In the Jewell Laboratory at the University of Maryland Fischell Department of Bioengineering (College Park, MD), Christopher Jewell, PhD, led a multidisciplinary team of researchers in developing a cancer-fighting approach to re-engineer the microenvironment of lymph nodes.

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Meenakshi Hegde, MD: Tandem CAR T Cells Do Double Duty

Years Funded: 2015-2018

Adoptive Cellular Therapy for Melanoma
An innovative, bispecific approach to CAR T-cell engineering is being explored by Meenakshi Hegde, MD, at the Baylor College of Medicine Center for Cell and Gene Therapy (Houston, TX). Designed to expand the reach and impact of traditional approaches to CAR T-cell therapies, Dr. Hegde is developing tandem CAR T cells that can recognize and destroy more than one cancer biomarker at a time.

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John Bell, PhD: Every Dollar Makes a Difference

Years Funded: 2014-2017

Novel Chimeric Oncolytic Virus for Brain Cancer Treatment
An ACGT-funded toxicity study helped John Bell, PhD, and David Stojdl, PhD, advance the identification and characterization of novel cancer-killing therapeutic viruses that selectively infect and kill glioblastoma brain cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells and tissues unharmed. The work brought them closer to the eventual clinical translation and commercialization of these potential therapies.

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Alexander H. Stegh, PhD: Understanding the Genetics Behind Brain Tumors

Years Funded: 2013-2015

Defining and Targeting IDH1-Dependent Metabolic Vulnerabilities in Glioblastoma
Alexander H. Stegh, PhD, and his team at the Northwestern University Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center (Chicago, IL) advanced important understanding of the role of the IDH1 gene enzyme in driving the progression and therapy resistance of glioblastoma. Now in early stage clinical trials, Dr. Stegh and colleagues are pursuing a unique treatment option that combines insight from Dr. Stegh’s genetic research with a novel nanotechnology drug delivery platform.

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Nabil Ahmed, MD: A Worthy Adversary for A Complex Killer

Years Funded: 2011-2014

Targeting Cancer Stem Cells in Glioblastoma
Nabil Ahmed, MD, and colleagues at the Baylor College of Medicine Texas Children’s Cancer Center (Houston, TX) applied knowledge of how CAR T cells fight blood cancers to advance opportunities for effective T-cell-based gene therapies for glioblastoma. Their research led to promising applications for GBM and other solid tumors in the brain and beyond.

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