ACGT Announces Launch of Biotech Investment Program – 2019

For 20 years, Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy has been at the forefront of funding the most innovative and clinically meaningful early-stage research in cancer cell and gene therapy. Since our founding, and thanks in large part to our funding from generous donors, there are now curative CAR-T therapies available for certain patients with blood cancers – specifically lymphoma and leukemia.

Based on our progress in funding academic research and our goal of bringing more effective therapies to patients more quickly, ACGT is launching its first-ever Biotechnology Investment Program.

The last decade has seen an explosion of companies – from small start-ups to bigger pharma – working in cancer cell and gene therapy. But we still have not seen a dominance of meaningful breakthroughs in the most common cancers – solid tumors. Fitting with our mission, ACGT will seek out and fund biotech projects that are most likely to lead to clinical breakthroughs that all of us as cancer patients, caregivers and families so desperately need and hope for. We believe curative cell and gene therapies for solid tumors are possible and ACGT will fund the ideas that are most likely to turn these therapies into a reality.

Two cancers in particular

Aided by the stellar ACGT Scientific Advisory Council and expert biotech investors, our initial goal is to identify and fund biotech projects that advance cell and gene therapies for two of the most difficult to treat cancers: Glioblastoma, a brain cancer; and pancreatic cancer.

These two cancers, in particular, have the highest morbidity rates (Five-year survival: Pancreatic 7% (Stage IIA), and Glioblastoma 5% (Grade 4)). They also have low clinical trial success rates. Venture capital and other investors are not often willing to fund these projects – preferring their companies to focus on cancers less prone to clinical failure. And this is exactly why ACGT is stepping up to fund projects that we believe can advance cell and gene therapies where other treatment modalities (and lack of funding) have failed.

ACGT is specifically looking for projects with a robust scientific foundation and a clearly-defined path to the clinic and the patient. We are also looking for opportunities to garner a return – first for patients, but also from a financial perspective, in order that ACGT can continue to build sustainable cycles of funding of increasingly innovative research to advance our mission.

How you can become involved


  • If you are an ACGT donor or would like to become one, this unique program provides the opportunity to contribute specifically to the advancement of biotechnology clinical candidates and to see your philanthropy pay off in sustainable dollars to advance ACGT’s mission. To learn more about donor opportunities, contact