Seth Pollack, MD: We Just Need to Keep Knocking

Years Funded: 2018-2020

Class I and Class II Restricted TCRs following Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
Determined to produce more consistent, complete and durable responses to T cell therapies for solid tumors, Seth Pollack, MD, and his team at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Seattle, WA) are developing a first-ever combination of two types of genetically engineered T cells (CD4+ and CD8+), each with unique receptors. With assistance from precision radiation, it’s hoped the cells will recognize and demolish sarcomas.

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Meenakshi Hegde, MD: Tandem CAR T Cells Do Double Duty

Years Funded: 2015-2018

Adoptive Cellular Therapy for Melanoma
An innovative, bispecific approach to CAR T-cell engineering is being explored by Meenakshi Hegde, MD, at the Baylor College of Medicine Center for Cell and Gene Therapy (Houston, TX). Designed to expand the reach and impact of traditional approaches to CAR T-cell therapies, Dr. Hegde is developing tandem CAR T cells that can recognize and destroy more than one cancer biomarker at a time.

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