Arnob Banerjee MD, PhD

University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD Assistant Professor, Hematology and Oncology

Research Focus: Immunotherapy

Cancer Type: Blood Cancers

Award: Young Investigator/ Swim Across America Award (SAA Award)

Dr. Banerjee is recipient of the Swim Across America Award.

Arnob Banerjee, MD, PhD, will use his grant award to study methods to optimize immunology for many forms of cancer. Immune-mediated treatments are the most advanced form of gene therapy, activating the body’s immune system to reject and/or eradicate tumor cells. This study aims to defuse obstacles to treatment by opening T-cell pathways. The ACGT Young Investigator Award will impact the development of his laboratory research program in understanding and optimizing the processes governing T cell differentiation during anti-cancer immune responses.

Dr. Banerjee earned his MD/PhD at Columbia University and was a resident, fellow and instructor at the University of Pennsylvania.

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