Chien-Fu Hung PhD

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology

Research Focus: Immunotherapy

Cancer Type: Ovarian Cancer

Award: Young Investigator

2004-2007 Research Grant:

Ovarian cancer accounts for approximately 25% of gynecological cancers in women, but over 50% of deaths. Current treatments rarely result in long-term cure. This study will focus on an approach taken by gene therapy known as immunotherapy. Cancer cells are not recognized by the body’s immune system because they are not foreign, rather mutations of existing cells. The intent of immunotherapy is to induce the individuals immune system to recognize cancer cells as if they are foreign, and thus a threat, so that these cells are destroyed.

Current Research:

Dr. Hung has continued his work towards researching treatments for ovarian cancer. He has continued to focus on immunotherapy treatments, vaccination in particular, and his lab is currently looking at different DNA vaccine strategies and their effectiveness in identifying ovarian tumor antigens. He and his lab have developed a ovarian/peritoneal tumor model that can be used to demonstrate the reaction of the immune system to ovarian cancer as it develops, and how it responds to various types of treatments. Dr. Hung is currently using this model to test various DNA vaccine methods in order to test their effectiveness and efficiency, findings through which may have huge implications for the treatment of ovarian cancer.

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