Greg Michael Delgoffe PhD

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA Assistant Professor, Immunology

Research Focus: Immune-modulatory Therapy and Cancer Vaccines

Cancer Type: Melanoma

Award: Young Investigator

Recent clinical successes have revealed that the immune system can be successfully harnessed to fight cancer. Various strategies are utilized, including enhancing a patient’s ‘natural’ response to cancer as well as ‘redirecting’ a patient’s immune cells, T cells to the tumor using genetic engineering. T cell therapies have shown remarkable progress in the treatment of hematological malignancies but have yet to show success in solid tumors. Dr. Delgoffe’s research centers on how T cell metabolism might be bolstered through gene therapy to promote activity in the tumor microenvironment. Dr. Delgoffe’s lab has shown that in solid tumors, cancer cells evade immune responses in part by depriving the T cell of the ability to generate energy, and depleting the local environment of nutrients. Dr. Delgoffe’s team will utilize genetic engineering to metabolically ‘reprogram’ tumor-specific T cells to fight cancer for an extended period of time. The goal is to generate super-soldier T cells that can be redirected to the tumor site, while bolstered metabolically to support long-term and durable responses. His research will explore the use of genetically modified T cells as a monotherapy against anti-PD1-resistant melanoma. His next goal will be to combine adoptive cell therapy with PD-1 blockade to learn if this combination is more effective.

Dr. Delgoffe earned a PhD at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and a BS in Biomedical Sciences at Western Michigan University. In 2015 he was selected as a Kimmel Scholar by the Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research.

Our work has the potential to transform the way we reprogram therapeutic T cells, such that they have increased metabolic fitness and longevity to promote durable and effective regression in cancer patients.” Dr. Greg Michael Delgoffe

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