Mukesh Jain MD, FAHA

Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH Director, Case Cardiovascular Research Institute, Director, University Hospital Cardiovascular Research Center

Research Focus: Anti-angiogenesis

Cancer Type: Metastatic Cancer

Award: Young Investigator

2004-2007 Research Grant:

Anti-angiogenesis is a way of strangulating the blood supply of a tumor, since without new blood the tumor cannot survive. Dr. Jain’s study will test an alternative treatment using a special polymer compound to deliver genes to the tumor site. Angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels, is critical for the development and progression of cancerous tumors. The identification of mechanisms to retard new blood vessel formation is likely to provide a novel approach to treat cancer.

Current Research:

Although Dr. Jain has continued his research on blood vessels, his work has led to many new findings in regards to cardiovascular diseases and potential treatment there. He and his team of researchers have identified a specific genetic factor called KLF4 that, in sufficient supply, makes the lining of blood vessels less prone to the buildup of harmful plaque and fat deposits. If there is a shortage of KLF4, these two agents are more likely to build up in the patient’s blood vessels, which can lead to many issues such as thrombosis (clot formation), heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular issues. With this knowledge, the hope is to improve existing heart disease drugs and to develop new drugs that can raise KLF4 levels in the patient. Dr. Jain hopes to apply this knowledge and other methods of gene therapy to treat cardiovascular diseases and potentially other non-cancer diseases as well.

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