Apply for Grants
ACGT is the only public charity in the nation exclusively funding cancer cell and gene therapy research. By supporting both discovery and translational research, we stimulate innovation and progress.

What Types of Grants are Awarded?
ACGT awards Clinical Translation grants of $250,000-500,000 over 2-3 years, inclusive of a maximum of 10% indirect costs. Funds may be used at the recipient’s discretion for salary, technical assistance, supplies, animals or capital equipment, but may not support staff not directly related to the project, e.g. secretaries or administrative assistants. Purchase of equipment is not allowed in the final year of the grant.

What is the Eligibility Criteria?
Candidates must hold an MD, PhD, or equivalent degree and be a tenure-track or tenured faculty. The investigator must be conducting original research as an independent faculty member. ACGT has no citizenship restrictions. However, research supported by the award must be conducted at medical schools and research centers in the United States and Canada. Continued support is contingent upon submission and approval of a non-competitive renewal application each year.

When are Grants offered? Where are the RFAs posted?
Grants are typically offered twice a year – in the Fall and Spring. To be added to the distribution list for RFAs, please send an email

Where can I find the RFA and application?
If there is a current RFA, applicants may go to and log-in to view the RFA and instructions or go to the link on the homepage of the ACGT website.

What is the review process?
All Letters of Intent (LOIs) are reviewed by members of ACGT’s Scientific Advisory Council and approved reviewers. Those applicants whose LOIs are deemed responsive to the RFA and the mission of ACGT are invited to submit full applications, which will include the following sections: biosketch, budget, research plan (10-page max), literature citations, and letter of reference. Submitted applications will be reviewed by two peer reviewers. The finalists’ applications will then be reviewed and selected by ACGT’s Scientific Advisory Council and ACGT’s Board of Directors.

What is the Institutional Policy?
Grant funds will be disbursed following execution of a grant agreement between the grantee institution and ACGT. The following items will be covered in ACGT grant agreements with grantee institutions:

  • ACGT shall receive a reasonable royalty return, including license fees on inventions and improvements made by investigators on research supported by its grants.
  • Overhead of up to 10% is included in the awarded amount. The Award will support research projects up to 2-3 years with annual non-competitive renewal applications.
  • Grantees and their affiliated institutions are required to submit periodic progress reports to ACGT. In addition, they are expected to share their research findings with the scientific community in a timely fashion through presentations at professional meetings and publication in scientific journals.
  • ACGT will request acknowledgment of the grant in any presentations and/or publications by the investigators and/or institutions.
  • The grantee institution will agree (i) to indemnify ACGT solely with respect to claims relating to the award of a grant and (ii) that all research supported by ACGT will be conducted in accordance with all applicable state and Federal laws, rules and regulations.
  • Awards to an institution will terminate when the principal investigator departs from the grantee institution, and can be re-initiated at an alternate institution subject to ACGT approval.

How many supporting documents can I submit with my application?
An applicant is able to include supporting documents as attachments with their application. (See Research Plan section of Application).

Who signs the Application?
The Signing Official for Assurances could be in the Grants and Contacts Department and/or in the Legal Department.

What is the Administrative Signature Page? How do I access it? How do I submit it?
The Administrative and Signature Page is a section of the application that gathers information about your proposal, your institution and compliance with experimentation. You will access that page once you begin the electronic application at Altum Proposal Central. The signed page must be submitted via Proposal Central in PDF format.

May I apply from an institution outside the United States?
ACGT has no citizenship restrictions, but research supported by the award must be conducted at medical schools and research centers located in the United States or in Canada.

Are literature citations a part of the 10-page research limit?
No. Literature citations can be part of the research plan document but do not have to be counted in the 10-page maximum. Therefore, your research plan may be 14 pages in total, with four pages of literature cited.

Can I revise my application once submitted?
Please carefully read the instructions that appear throughout the application pages. You can only submit your application one time. If you have updates to any information you have submitted, please call Altum Proposal Central customer service at 1-800-875-2562 before the application deadline.