Brian McGinley

VP Philanthropy

From Northern Ireland’s Good Friday Peace Agreement to higher education and skills training in Africa, first-generation American Brian McGinley brings to ACGT a track record of fundraising and cause-marketing success in local, national, and international organizations.

He also brings a strong emotional connection to the ACGT mission. “Like so many others, I’ve witnessed the wreckage that cancer can inflict on people’s lives,” says McGinley. “As the father of two teenagers, it means a lot to be part of a team whose vision, leadership, and hope are mitigating the impact of cancer.” McGinley, the newly-minted VP Philanthropy, is responsible for the strategic and targeted development of ACGT fundraising initiatives. A major component of this includes building and fostering productive strategic alliances with individual donors, corporations, foundations, and other stakeholders to ensure ACGT’s long-term sustainability.

“This is my wheelhouse,” says McGinley. “I find it very rewarding to take complex concepts and distill, package, and present them to people and entities, showing them how they can help and motivating them to make a meaningful difference.”

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