Swim Across America 2018 – After the Event

Jul 10, 2018

The 12th Annual Swim Across America event took place Saturday, June 23rd in Stamford, CT. The annual event benefits cancer gene therapy, which is researched by the Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy (ACGT). This years event raised funds directly for four ACGT scientists who each raised money for different types of immunotherapy for: blood cancers, vaccines for melanoma and virotherapy for brain cancer. These four prestigious scientists are: Dr. Crystal Mackall from Stanford University, Dr. Greg Delgoffe from University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Nori Kasahara and Dr. Samuel Katz.

There were many participants and volunteers this year who raised money for future cancer research. The WaveMakers went above and beyond the expected amount of donations this year. The elite SAA fundraisers always go above what is expected and each raise at least $1,000 by the date of event. The WaveMakers had exclusive access to the WM tent, with many perks and rewards.

The event was held in open water in the Long Island Sound. There were many participants for the Swim Across America events, including Olympic Medalist swimmers who occasionally swim the event (Michael Phelps once swam the event!) Make waves to fight cancer by donating to the Swim Across America, which accepts donations all year long.

All proceeds raised from the event helps cancer gene therapy research by ACGT, the only public charity in America exclusively funding cancer gene therapy research.