Workplace giving.

“My priority is not just advancing science but translating that science into meaningful clinical therapeutics and it’s been fantastic to have the Alliance’s support. The Alliance fueled my career trajectory. It came into my life when I was just getting my lab and my research off the ground. It’s an important part of what got me and my research where we are today.”

Greg Michael Delgoffe, PhD
University of Pittsburgh.

Workplace giving

Support your favorite charities through matching gifts or donations deducted directly from your paycheck. 

One of the easiest, most effective ways you can support Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy is through workplace giving – an employer-sponsored program that empowers you to support your favorite charities through matching gifts and/or donations deducted directly from your paycheck. 

Matching Gifts 

Many companies offer to match qualifying gifts made by their employees. Use the search tool on the Donate page to see if your employer participates by checking the box, “Would you like your employer to match?” Employer matching information is listed and provided by our partner Amply. You may receive an email from Amply with instructions on how to request a donation match from your employer. 

If your company is not listed, ask your Human Resources department if a program to match employee charitable giving exists and how to participate. 

If needed, Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 06-1619523. 

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) 

The CFC is a workplace giving campaign for federal employees: civilian employees, military personnel, postal workers, and federal retirees. Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy is a member of Charitable Choices and is listed as CFC #41537. Look for us in your workplace charitable giving campaign and designate Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy, CFC #41537 as recipient of your generosity on your pledge forms. 

The campaign season is typically between October and December each year. Check with your agency for exact dates or visit

We are here to help – if you have any questions, please contact us at or (203) 358-5055.