Wendy Walk and ACGT Join Forces

  • | May 03 2016 |

Sunday, May 1, 2016, ACGT colleagues attended the Wendy Walk Fundraiser in New York City. This uplifting event is another example of the difference a few people and a good idea can make. Wendy Walk was founded in 2010 by ACGT Board Member Ali Landes and siblings Matt and Jackie to raise funds and awareness for sarcomas, rare forms of cancer that sadly caused the death of their mother Wendy. The largest events are walks held in several major cities including Miami, New York and Los Angeles. This week, hundreds gathered (despite the rain) to celebrate the lives of survivors, many of whom once received terrible prognoses but have gone on to defeat the odds. Some are still with us 7 – 10 years later. There were also those represented who have not been as fortunate, including one woman whose husband just passed away 7 months ago, leaving her and their young son. But, as Matt Landes remarked, when they first started the organization 6 years ago, the idea of treating sarcoma was in its infancy. Today, ACGT and Wendy Walk are jointly funding Dr. Crystal Mackall’s research at Stanford into new therapy for osteosarcoma, leading to a clinical trial in the next year to two. Further evidence of the importance of private funding for research and how it truly makes a difference. Learn more about Wendy Walk and Dr. Mackall’s grant.