Could Viruses Take Cancer Immunotherapy to the Next Level?

Jan 03, 2018

ACGT has had its funding pay off with a promising study on breast cancer coming out of The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Canada. The study suggests that a combination of two immunotherapies — oncolytic viruses and checkpoint inhibitors — could be much more successful than traditional treatments in fighting breast […]

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Meet Rachel

Nov 02, 2017

Rachel, age 21, relapsed leukemia survivor. Healthy and in remission after just one gene therapy treatment. Rachel was first diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in June 2008 when she was 11 years old.  She followed the standard two-year protocol of chemotherapy and entered high school in 2010 in remission. In March 2015, Rachel’s leukemia returned […]

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ACGT Awards $1.3 Million in New Grants

Nov 02, 2017

ACGT has awarded $1.3 million in new grants to three scientists studying immunotherapy and virotherapy in the treatment of glioblastoma, sarcoma and ovarian cancer. “We have big hopes for these grants,” said John Walter, CEO and president of ACGT. “ACGT was one of the first funders to support Dr. Carl June’s work at the University […]

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First Gene Therapy Treatment Approved

Aug 30, 2017

The FDA announced approval of the first gene therapy for leukemia. From pharmaceutical giant Novartis, in collaboration with University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, clinical trials, based on research funded by ACGT, resulted in 83% remission for pediatric patients with acute lymphocytic leukemia [ALL].

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FDA Advisory Committee Recommends First-Ever CAR-T Gene Therapy Treatment for Cancer

Jul 12, 2017

STAMFORD, Conn., July 12, 2017 — Today the FDA’s Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee, an independent panel of experts, voted unanimously to recommend to the FDA approval of Novartis’ experimental CAR-T therapy called Tisagenlecleucel, also known as CTL019. This form of gene therapy has demonstrated impressive results in hard-to-treat leukemia (ALL) pediatric and adolescent patients who […]

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Help Swim Across America Reach Its $500K Goal for ACGT – Donate Today

Jun 26, 2017

On Saturday, June 24, 2017, more than 300 swimmers made waves in the fight to defeat cancer at the 11th annual Swim Across America Greenwich-Stamford Swim. The Swim, usually held in the open water in Long Island Sound at ACGT headquarters, was relocated to the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich due to inclement weather. […]

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A Father’s Day Message from CLL Survivor Doug Olson

May 25, 2017

Dear Friends: I have always considered myself to be a very lucky person, but I wasn’t feeling very lucky the day I was told I had chronic lymphocytic leukemia or CLL. That terrifying day was over 20 years ago, only a few weeks after Fathers’ Day in 1996. There was no cure for CLL back […]

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Swim Across America Tours Cancer Research Lab at Yale

May 23, 2017

Dr. Samuel Katz, Associate Professor at Yale School of Medicine and an ACGT Research Fellow, hosted top Swim Across America fundraisers and ACGT staff on May 22 for a presentation of his research and a tour of his lab. A portion of the Swim Across America grant is funding Dr. Katz’s work using RNA to […]

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Wendy Walk NYC Raises Funds for ACGT Sarcoma Research

May 22, 2017

The eighth annual New York City Wendy Walk took place on Sunday, May 21st. Patients, friends and family members impacted by sarcoma, a cancer of the connective tissues, gathered at Tavern on the Green for breakfast followed by a scenic walk in Central Park. Funds raised from this event support ACGT Clinical Investigator, Dr. Crystal […]

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National Geographic Aired Special on Using Cells to Battle Cancer

May 15, 2017

The killer CAR-T cells work in mice, but what about humans? National Geographic Channel answers that question and more in “Breakthrough: Curing Cancer” that aired in May 2017. The episode featured Dr. Carl June and chronic lymphocytic leukemia survivor, Doug Olson, who was “patient #2” in the first CAR T 19 immunotherapy trial and is now in remission. Learn […]

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