100% of donations support research and programs.

“Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy’s commitment to supporting innovative ideas in their early stages is critically important for building meaningful bridges between basic and clinical research and realizing effective new treatments that can save lives.”

Nabil Ahmed, PhD
Baylor College of Medicine

Every dollar has a direct impact on progress. 

Traditional cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiation give patients precious moments but little long-term promise. Cancer cell and gene therapies are changing this.  

With success in overcoming blood cancers becoming a reality, Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy is focused on new curative strategies for the most difficult-to-treat solid tumor cancers. We are driving progress through carefully considered investments in the brightest and boldest scientists at leading academic institutions and through unique collaborations with other leading cancer research organizations. 

Every cancer cell and gene therapy study, every clinical trial, every success and even every failure strengthens the research community’s understanding of the immune system’s complexities and the biological building blocks that make cancer such a formidable foe. 

100% of donations applied to advancing research.

By funding innovative strategies for cancer cell and gene therapies, we are continually deepening our understanding of cancer biology and the immune system and helping translate that knowledge into life-saving therapies.

What We Fund

The future of cancer research is now.

Donations to Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy directly led to the profound CAR T therapy success in the fight against blood cancers. Now we are building on those achievements to find cures for overcoming solid tumor cancers, such as pancreatic cancer, brain cancer, melanoma and lung cancer.

What We’re Working On

Maximum impact guaranteed.

Every dollar contributed to Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy advances powerful research that is thoroughly vetted by our Scientific Advisory Council and responsibly monitored by our Board of Directors and staff. Administrative and fundraising expenses are underwritten through a separate fund so that your donation goes directly to science.

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