Biotech funding program.

To bring more effective therapies to patients more quickly, Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy is accepting funding proposals from biotech companies with cell and gene therapy projects that are likely to lead to clinical breakthroughs for the treatment of two of the most difficult-to-treat solid tumor cancers: glioblastoma, a brain cancer; and pancreatic cancer.

With guidance from our Scientific Advisory Council and Board of Directors, the organization considers funding projects with robust scientific foundations and clearly defined paths to the clinic and the patient. Opportunities must offer promise for patients as well as a financial return for the organization to help sustain its support of innovative cancer cell and gene therapy research.  

Glioblastoma and pancreatic cancer are high-priority targets for funding because they have the highest morbidity rates, low clinical trial success rates, and often struggle to receive support from venture capital and other investors. Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy is specifically looking for projects with a robust scientific foundation and a clearly defined path to the clinic and the patient. We are also looking for opportunities to garner a return – first for patients, but also from a financial perspective, to support sustainable cycles of funding of increasingly innovative research to advance our mission. 

If you are a current donor or would like to become one, this unique program provides opportunities to contribute specifically to the advancement of biotechnology clinical candidates and to see your philanthropy pay off in sustainable dollars that advance our mission. Contact us to learn more about donor opportunities.

If you are a biotech company.

If you are a biotech company and would like to learn more about our program, please contact Barbara Lavery, chief program officer at or complete this form.