Our Alliance Partners.

Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy programs are supported by our Alliance partners including stakeholders across cancer cell and gene therapy research and development. Our goal is to build an alliance of researchers, clinicians, companies, service providers, investors, funders, and patients to advance much-needed lifesaving cancer cell and gene therapies.

Founding Partners

Chardan is an independent, global investment bank focused on addressing the capital markets needs of public and private healthcare and disruptive technology companies. We’ve successfully raised more than $30 billion dollars for innovators worldwide since 2002. Within our healthcare practice, Chardan identifies and enables disruption within various segments in the biotech space. In addition to genetic medicines and cell therapy, our expertise spans areas such as regenerative medicine, immuno-oncology, vaccines, infectious diseases, hematology, lipids, ophthalmology, NASH, neurodegenerative disorders, rare diseases, and more. Headquartered in New York City, Chardan is a registered broker-dealer with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and is a member of the following: FINRA, SIPC, NASDAQ and the NYSE Arca, Inc.

Wilson Wolf creates hope for cancer patients, one device at a time. We accomplish this by way of simplifying T-cell therapy through our G-Rex platform.

Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Wilson Wolf (www.wilsonwolf.com) was founded in 1998 to pioneer the development of innovative cell culture technologies and has created patented products and protocols for numerous applications including monoclonal antibody production, corneal transplants, porcine heart valve testing, mesenchymal cell production, and islet transplants for type 1 diabetes. Over the last five years, its G-Rex product line has experienced an average annual sales growth rate of nearly 100%.

Media Partners

CGTLive aims to deliver highly relevant, quality information about cell, gene, regenerative and engineered medicines to healthcare professionals in order to facilitate the best patient care possible. CGTLive offers an independent, comprehensive digital platform covering practice-changing news. Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy has partnered with CGTLive and part of the collaboration involves ACGT sharing content with CGTLive about advancements in cell and gene therapy research and clinical trials.

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