Stuart A. Aaronson, MD

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Dr. Stuart Aaronson is a cancer biologist, who has made seminal contributions in the fields of oncogenes and growth factor signaling. His contributions include the discovery of the first normal function of an oncogene, the identification of erbB2 as an amplified oncogene in human breast cancer, and the identification of KGF (FGF7), an epithelial cell specific growth factor.

His discoveries have paved the way for the development of targeted therapies for cancer patients. He previously served as Chief, Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology at the National Cancer Institute (1977-1993). He also developed stable expression cDNA cloning technology, which has led to the discovery of a number of novel genes with transforming properties.

He is the author of over 530 publications and the recipient of numerous awards including the Distinguished Service Medal from the U.S. Public Health Service, the Rhoads Memorial Award from the American Association of Cancer Research, and the Paul Erhlich Prize from Germany.

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