Approved CAR T-cell therapies for blood cancers.

The future of cancer is now.

Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy drives breakthroughs in cell and gene therapy research to develop living medicines that leverage the body’s own biology to defeat all cancers. Today, these first-ever FDA-approved CAR T-cell treatments for blood cancers are saving lives thanks to our early-stage funding.
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Search and destroy.

Cancer cells make themselves invisible to T cells and this is what allows them to thrive. CAR T-cell therapies make it possible to detect the undetectable in blood cancers by adding chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) to a patient’s existing T cells. Once inside T cells, CARs find and bind to specific protein molecules that exist in blood cancer cells. After they’re bound together, the genetically engineered T cells are able to destroy the cancer cells in the same way that they destroy other disease-causing cells.

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One objective: kill cancer cells.

After T cells are removed from a patient’s bloodstream, they are genetically engineered in a lab, grown in large numbers and returned to that patient’s bloodstream. Unlike traditional cancer treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation), there are few if any harsh or long-term side effects.


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Measurable success.

After being infused back into a patient’s bloodstream, reprogrammed T cells continue to multiply and become living medicine that strengthens that patient’s immune system’s response to cancer. Today, approved CAR T-cell therapies are achieving 80 percent effective rates in patients with certain blood cancers.

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For patients interested in CAR T-cell therapy to treat their cancer, please visit this resource for a directory of all medical institutions offering at least one FDA-approved CAR T-cell therapy to patients.

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