How donating to ACGT advances cancer cell and gene therapy

Jul 19, 2022
Devin Golden

If you are a frequent reader of Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy’s news articles or a follower on social media, you’ll likely see a request to donate.

Donations are the lifeblood of our mission – creating a cancer-free future, one with cures for all malignancies.

Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy accomplishes this goal by promoting cell and gene therapies, a newer type of cancer treatment that empowers the immune system to fight back against tumors.

The most well-known type of cell and gene therapy is CAR T-cell therapy, but Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy is invested in supporting other types as well. 

How exactly does a donation to the Alliance move the needle in promoting cell and gene therapy for cancer? We want all prospective donors to understand how their financial contribution to Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy (ACGT) is used to uncover potential cures for cancer.

Additionally, we want you to know why ACGT is unique from other nonprofit organizations – and why that’s a good reason to donate.

Funding cell and gene therapy research in early stages

The timing of the Alliance’s funding – in terms of the age of research initiatives – is one of the elements setting us apart from other non-profit cancer organizations. Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy prides itself on issuing grants for bold programs in early stages of research. We look for initiatives that struggle to receive funding from other sources, and we help those projects gain momentum in hospital and university laboratories.

Our financial assistance helps the brightest minds in oncology and biology on the ground floor of their potential breakthroughs. Nearly 20 years ago, the Alliance funded the work of Carl June, MD, who helped create the first successful CAR T-cell therapy for blood cancer.

His innovative work at University of Pennsylvania’s Abramson Cancer Center led to two patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia achieving durable remission for more than 10 years, an unheard-of survival mark prior to the emergence of CAR T cells. Now, well over 1,000 people have gone through CAR T-cell therapy.

Dr. June credits Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy’s assistance as a major reason why he could make this breakthrough – and why so many patients are surviving well past the usual prognosis for leukemia, lymphoma and other blood cancers.

Deciding which cell and gene therapy research proposals to support

There are many cancer research projects worthy of grants from non-profit organizations. ACGT has a meticulous and refined process for selecting the top applications – the ones with the most promise for bringing cancer treatment forward in a positive way for patients.

Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy is selective in which programs to support. The process involves a Request for Application, which announces the availability of grant funding to interested researchers. The Alliance selects grants based on boldness, innovation, promise, and ability to translate the research into clinical practice.

We issued our first grant in 2002. We’ve issued 67 in total, with three research projects funded in 2020 and more on the way in 2023.

In short, ACGT makes it easier for you and the rest of the general public to donate to bold and crucial cancer research. We streamline the cancer fundraising process to direct money to the initiatives with the most promise of being a major success.

Relying on cell and gene therapy expertise of Scientific Advisory Council

Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy does not handle this meticulous review process alone. Widely regarded as the most accomplished thought leaders in the field of cancer cell and gene therapy, ACGT’s Scientific Advisory Council drives the identification and selection of the most promising grantees and projects. The vision and value they bring to the investment process is a key distinguishing factor that sets ACGT apart from other cancer funding organizations.

Every dollar from public donation goes to cell and gene therapy research

When the Alliance says “every dollar” goes to cancer research, that means 100%. All overhead costs of managing Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy are covered by a separate fund, which means your gift goes directly to crucial cancer cell and gene therapy research.

Whether you’re a new donor or a returning one, please consider giving whatever you can today to Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy. Every contribution – even just a few dollars – is needed. Give to the Alliance today, and we promise to use your donation in the best possible way to fight cancer.