Cancer cell and gene therapy in 2022: What’s ACGT planning

Feb 08, 2022
Devin Golden

There has been tremendous progress in cancer immunotherapy – most notable, the rise of cell and gene therapy as a life-saving option.

There are now five CAR T-cell therapies approved for blood cancers, including types of lymphoma, myeloma, and leukemia.

Clinical trials using next-generation CAR T cells and other cell and gene therapies – and combining them with immunotherapies and standard of care – continue to progress. There are currently more than 2,000 new cancer cell therapies in clinical trials and every day scientists are learning more about how to stop cancer in its tracks. 

As the field of cancer cell and gene therapy rapidly expands, Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy must do so as well.

At ACGT, we are excited for 2022 – for what could happen with approvals and new treatments, and for what we have planned within our own programs and events. We intend to expand our digital and social imprint this year, connect more patients and scientists, and raise more funds from donors for pivotal research programs. Despite the progress of 2021 and other recent years, we know more work must be done to accomplish our collective goal – a cancer-free future.

Here are just a few ways we intend to deliver our message and build our alliance with more people – and what you should look for regularly this calendar year. The theme for 2022 is “more” at ACGT.

More news on the ACGT website

Early in 2021, we completed a sitewide rebranding of the ACGT website We are thrilled with the result, as it educates and explains our mission effectively to our visitors.

As new therapies become available it is critical that patients, donors, and doctors can easily access news about clinical trials, research breakthroughs, and study results in cancer cell and gene therapy. Keeping you – our fellow stakeholders and allies in the fight against cancer – up to date on pertinent news is critical. You should know what’s going on in this field and community if you’re devoting time and money to it or if you’re seeking out new treatment opportunities.

So we’re going to help keep you informed and empowered with weekly articles and blog posts. An example is a recent post about clinical trial data from the ASH annual blood cancer conference. Another is the story about Carl June, MD, and his findings on T-cell exhaustion. The most recent is our recap of the annual Scientific Advisory Council.

In the future, we’ll have updates about the work of ACGT Scientific Advisory Council members, our funded ACGT Fellows, and more.

Expect more news just like this so you can follow along step by step as we turn the momentum of this fight in our favor.

More activity on social media 

We recognize the power of social media to connect and build community. Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy uses social media platforms to spread the news about cancer cell and gene therapy breakthroughs while growing our alliance of partners and donors.

Strength in numbers is real, especially when raising money to fund cancer research, and social media is a powerful tool to bring more people into our alliance.

Look for more posts on our main social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You’ll see us posting our news articles, interacting with partner organizations, and encouraging you and others to spread our message to as many people as possible.

More videos 

If you want to know how far we’ve come in fighting cancer – and how much we can accomplish in the future – don’t listen to just us. Listen to the doctors and researchers on the frontlines of the effort to find cures.

We’ve populated our YouTube channel and social media pages with videos from some ACGT Fellows and Scientific Advisory Council members. They provide expert knowledge of how cell and gene therapies, like CAR T cells, are changing cancer treatment forever.

Video content provides you and other prospective donors more direct access to the reason why we so strongly believe cell therapy and gene therapy is the way forward in treating and beating cancer.

More support 

As we enact these initiatives of “more” in 2022, our goal is to raise more money so that we can fund more programs to bring the promise of cancer cell and gene therapy to all patients and families.

Don’t forget 100% of every donation goes to ACGT critical research and programs!

Your donation will help us accomplish this goal. Please consider a financial contribution to Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy today to let us know our plans for 2022 are what’s needed to help advance new therapies and save lives.