Update: ACGT reaches Giving Tuesday goal!

Nov 21, 2022
Devin Golden

Every year for Giving Tuesday, Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy receives donations from people committed to solving cancer through the power of cell and gene therapy. Cell and gene therapy empowers the patient’s own immune system to fight back against cancer, and Giving Tuesday donations help ACGT continue to fund research and clinical trials that hopefully lead to cures.

This year, Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy has set a Giving Tuesday online donation goal of $5,250, which is a meaningful number for our mission.

In the United States, an average of 5,250 people are diagnosed with cancer each day. ACGT’s goal is to cure all cancer, meaning all 5,250 cases diagnosed each day, no matter what type of cancer it is.

By reaching this fundraising goal, we will be able to continue making an impact on advancing cell and gene therapy research and bringing treatments to patients.

UPDATE: ACGT reached the Giving Tuesday online fundraising goal of $5,250. Thank you to our donors and other supporters for contributing to this campaign and showing your belief in cell and gene therapy for cancer.

How ACGT is transforming cancer treatment

Barbara Lavery, Chief Program Officer of ACGT, updates our alliance on our Giving Tuesday fundraising goal and success.

Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy provides grant funding to researchers and doctors who are invested in cell and gene therapy for cancer.

The goal is to use cell and gene therapy to transform cancer treatment and develop cures for cancer.

Cell and gene therapy is a type of immunotherapy where immune cells are altered genetically to target a patient’s specific cancer.

The altered cells are multiplied to create additional engineered cells, which are then returned to the patient’s immune system.

In the time since its inception, ACGT has:

  • Raised more than $34 million for cancer research
  • Supported more than 60 researchers with a total of 67 multi-year grants
  • Funded work being done at nearly 40 of the top cancer centers in the world
  • Helped seven cell and gene therapies get approved by the FDA for different types of cancer

The direct impact of your donation

Transparency is a priority of ACGT. As a potential donor, you deserve to know the impact that your generosity will have on cell and gene therapy.

Every dollar you donate funds cell and gene therapy research or clinical trials. 100% of donations go directly to scientists who are trying to solve the riddle of cancer.

Here are examples of the type of cell and gene therapy programs your donation would support:

  • Amer Zureikat, MD, FACS, of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, is exploring tumor-infiltrating T-cell lymphocytes for pancreatic cancer.
  • Stephen Gottschalk, MD, of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, is researching an engineered T-cell receptor for pediatric sarcoma cancers.
  • Daniel Powell, PhD, of the University of Pennsylvania, is developing a CAR T-cell therapy for ovarian cancer.
  • Brian Brown, PhD, of Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, is targeting macrophage cells to treat lung cancer.

Help ACGT reach its Giving Tuesday goal

Barbara Lavery, Chief Program Officer of ACGT, explains the importance of our Giving Tuesday online fundraising goal.

Our fundraising goal for Giving Tuesday of $5,250 is ambitious, but we strive to set ambitious goals. More than 20 years ago, ACGT’s mission was considered ambitious. The research we funded was considered ambitious.

But the successes we’ve seen thanks to cell and gene therapy research ACGT has been able to fund prove the mission and goals were attainable. Our goal for Giving Tuesday is also attainable – and it’s worth trying, because every cancer patient deserves to be cured.

You have various options for donating to Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy:

If you want to learn more about ACGT, please visit the Who We Are page or sign up for our monthly email newsletter. Thank you for supporting Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy.